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Some (fun) facts about me

A few days ago, I was invited by dear Kirstin to a challenge on Instagram. I should post some fun facts about myself and I thought that I could do that on my blog as well. So, you could learn something more about me. A little behind the scenes look at the person who launched Food-Lifestyle-Facts, Rosa Lazić. A few facts about me! Also, Kristin recently interviewed me on her blog about my diet and way of life – sorry, just in the German language available. My first interview and I’m a little bit proud of it! 😉
But enough beating about the bush, here are the facts about me!

Here we go, some facts about me!

• I have a lot of nicknames. Bambi, Mother Teresa, Rocky, Snow-White and “Jugobetrugo” are just some of them… 😀
• I’ve been a ring girl in Klitschko boxing matches! Seriously! 😉

• With friends, I’m known for my black humor. 🙂
• When I was a little girl, I collected phone cards, stamps and stickers and I was especially proud of the fluffy ones. In addition, I have two older brothers, with whom I have come to blows and I know all the testosterone films of the 90s, as well as computer and Nintendo games like Diablo, Streetfighter, Anno 1602, etc.
• As a high school graduate, I loved math and did not know whether I should study environmental engineering or nutritional sciences after graduation. At the campus at the Technical University of Munich in Garching, however, there were too many nerds, which is why I decided to go for nutritional sciences in Freising/Weihenstephan.

Would you have expected that?

• I have already won a driving and orientation car rally with more than 30 participants as a rider, showing men up with their polished Maseratis with my VW Beetle convertible, thus invalidating some clichés. Incidentally, I especially like the latter! 😉
• I always wanted to be independent and earn my own money. So, I was a tutor in my youth, worked for Deichmann, have been a cleaning lady for years, carried out brochures, have been a Shampooneuse (!), dishwasher, waitress, I have delivered Indian dishes with a Twingo, have helped in a workshop for the disabled in the laundry section and as a fair hostess for Audi, e.g. at the 24-hour race in LeMans. I don’t consider myself too good for anything and I’ve learned a lot from each job.
• I love music, preferably loud and alone in my car. 😉 Seriously, music is an absolutely essential part of my life.

Want some more facts about me?

• I love the color red and have a red car called Nelly. Nelly takes its name from rapper Nelly because I had white duck tape on the bumper that reminded me of the rapper Nelly’s bandage for a while.
• I have a natural aversion for people who are arrogant and think they are something better. I avoid such people like the plague. For me, nothing is more unattractive than narrow-minded, pessimistic, disloyal, inauthentic, egomaniacal, unreflective, negative, disrespectful and non-emphatic people. I am a great believer in “You are the product of the 3 people with whom you surround yourself the most!” As a consequence, I try to surround myself only with positive people as much as possible.
• I spend most of my money on high-quality food and traveling. You cannot impress me deeply with most material things. I strive for true happiness.

I’m a real night owl

• I am an absolute owl and most effective in the evening. It has always been my most productive time in the evening and I have never had any problems learning or working until late at night or in the morning. And I love to sleep. I get very, very rarely ill. But when I get sick, it’s only because I have too much stress and therefore sleep too little. In the morning, I mostly look like a Chinese, because I can hardly get my eyes open. 😉

• I’ve always been very interested in our environment, renewable energy and sustainability. My paper for grammar school graduation dealt with “An Inconvenient Truth” by Al Gore and his transformation from vice president to climate saver. That’s why I was immediately enthusiastic when a friend asked me, if I could help him organize the Moments Festival. The Moments Festival is exactly under the guise of sustainability and the zero-waste movement, far away from plastic. It is supposed to inspire people, surrounded by music, to raise awareness for a more sustainable way of dealing with our nature. And all without the moral pointing finger. For the first time, it takes place on 11.08.2018 at the beach of Seebruck. Directly on an island in the beautiful Chiemsee in Bavaria, Germany. Exactly for such things I live for. If anybody wants to meet me personally, you will surely meet me there! 😉

As you can see, traveling makes me happy and makes me smile all over my face <3
As you can see, traveling makes me happy and makes me smile all over my face <3
My radical diet

In addition to the facts, I wanted to give you a little insight into my diet. I’ve been eating vegan food for years. I consume only a few processed foods and so, I avoid e.g. sugar. I love all kinds of sports and for a long time, I played ambitiously handball, basketball, and tennis. In addition, I am currently also trying to switch my entire cosmetics and care products to natural cosmetics. They are already vegan and free of animal testing. (If you have any tips for me, I appreciate every single hint!)

To be honest, it’s the easiest thing for me to live that way. Of course, I realize that it is sometimes harder for my environment to deal with me and my habits than for myself. Most of them worry too much about how I can manage to survive, what I can eat and how hard it would be to follow my way of life and my diet. Instead, it would be better to try step by step. I did not start with the full package, but I groped step by step to my current diet. And that was associated with a lot of trial-and-error. I have always been my favorite guinea pig because I have always been very interested in how my body reacts to certain things. All in all, we’ve forgotten how to listen to the signals of our own bodies anyway.

So, it happened that at some point I started testing out all kinds of diets on myself. I just wanted to find the diet that suits me and my body best. As a consequence, I lived for a while (usually 3 months each) according to the rules of a Paleo, low carb, low fat, etc. diet and found out for myself that my body, my skin, my digestion, my mind, and my general life is best compatible with the vegan diet.

Why vegan at all?

After following a vegan diet for a while, I started to bring it to perfection for myself. My body is very sensitive to simple carbohydrates appearing as polished rice, noodles, white bread, etc. and stores it purposefully on the hips and thighs. Luckily, I have never been a fan of pasta and sushi. So it’s not that hard to stop eating or reducing it. Above all, the fact that I’m not feeling well consuming these foods makes it easier to decide not to eat them at all.

At some point, of course, the ethical aspect of a vegan diet came up. So, I simply could not even think of eating something that came from an animal any longer. I constantly question myself, my habits and generally things that concern me. At some point it was clear to me that I could not agree with my conscience to continue to eat animals. I do not care what other people do. The only problem is that very few people question their own actions. Just because you’ve “always” eaten pigs, chickens, cattle, and their secretions does not mean it’s right. Nor is it right to keep slaves just because we have “always” done so. “Always”, for me, is just a petty excuse. An excuse to justify your own, comfortable behavior that you never questioned at all.

Think about it!

Anyone who claims to be an animal friend, confining his testimony to dogs or cats, has not questioned his own testimony as much as someone who claims to be a philanthropist but is a racist at the same time. Personally, I could never look an animal in the eye and put my own appetite higher than the life of that animal. I could not kill an animal because of my appetite. Nor we have to kill them to still our hunger.

If I cannot do it, I do not want anyone else to do “the dirty work” for me and I just buy the fillet in the supermarket. I do not want to support an industry that beats its profits from factory farming. Also, I always have to smile when someone says he loves animals while including only his own dog but eats chickens, wears the skin of cattle and the fur of rabbits or foxes. I love animals. And for me it’s the only consistent way when it applies to all animals, whether we think they are cute or not.

So, enough of me! Do you have some fun facts that you always wanted to get rid of? Or is there something else you really want to know about me? Then, speak it up! Get rid of it in the comments and stay tuned on my Facebook fan page! Sharing is caring! 😉

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