One more blog? Hell yeah, you’ll love it!

On my blog – surprise, surprise, you’ll find a lot about mainly vegan, plant-based food, lifestyle, and facts 🙂
I’ll provide you some easily understandable information about nutrition-facts and some tips and tricks to make your daily life(style) a bit easier.

Food: A main part of my blog will be about plant-based nutrition, e. g. „What is spirulina?“, some recipes, and food you should eat more often – or not. You’ll get some information about vegan and vegetarian food, topics like low-carb, superfood, and many more upcoming topics and trends. I’ll provide you as much information as I get out of reliable surveys from all over the world.

Lifestyle: Additionally, I’ll inform you about „Which impact has plastic on my body?“ and I’ll give you some lifestyle-tips as well as a matter that is near to my heart: my commandments. I know, this sounds quite religious but that’s not my intention. My commandments should give you some food for thought and make your daily life a bit easier and less stressful.

Last but not least: Facts! Here, you’ll find some interesting information I get out of serious surveys from scientists from all over the world. These surveys are not that easy to find nor to read but I’ll do my best to provide you the main results you should be aware of – as well as I’m able to.

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What makes my blog special?

I am really annoyed of reading so much false stuff on the web dealing with nutrition, weight-loss, health, and other stuff about our body. There are so many people spreading false messages due to make some money with the ignorance of people being too lazy reading up on some topics. Cure-alls seem to be way more attractive than the truth could ever be!
As an ordinary person not dealing that much with nutrition you really don’t know what’s the truth in this jungle of knowledge.

There are three things that can’t be hidden for long; the sun, the moon and the truth. – Buddha

I want to provide you exactly this truth, bring some light into the jungle, and get rid of all this superficial knowledge. I want you to know that there are a lot of food-blogs – but to be honest, each blog spreads it’s own opinion: no matter if it’s right or wrong. Superficial knowledge is really dangerous, and on my blog, there is no room for stuff like that. In each post, I’ll offer you a link to several surveys I get my information out of, so you can educate yourself. 🙂

Of course, each blog is subjective in its own way: It’s me who decides which topic I want to deal with. You can’t buy my opinion and for sure, everything on my blog is 100% me.
My blog is really a matter that is near to my heart. I don’t be coining money, I just want to spread my knowledge and provide you some food-facts based on serious surveys. I know that I won’t make that much friends with my blog because I’m telling you the truth. The truth is something that many people don’t want to hear. They shut their eyes and ears to the reality. I’m not here for making friends but for opening your eyes.

Got questions? Tell me!