One more blog? You’ll love it!

I believe that each of us should raise his voice for his own health and the health of our planet.
I simply can stand neither eating dead animals nor seeing them being slaughtered for no reasonable reason.

Rosa Lazić


The main part of my blog will be about a wholefood, plant-based nutrition, recipes, and food you should eat more often. And recommendations on food which you should try to avoid. You’ll get some information about plant-based and vegetarian food. Blogposts about a low-carb diet, intermittent fasting, superfoods, and many more. I’ll provide you as much science-based information as I get out of reliable surveys from all over the world.


Additionally, I’ll write about topics like „Which impact has plastic on my body?“ and I’ll give you some lifestyle-tips.

One of my core-values is also represented here: My very personal tips and tricks for mental health – to be found in the “mindset” category. Here you will find approaches that make my personal life easier for me. Make it a little less stressful and thus make room for the important things in my head.
For you, they should primarily serve as a source of thought. I definitely don’t want to be instructive in any way, but rather an inspiration – you always decide for yourself. Every step in the right direction is important, no matter how small it sometimes seems to you.


Last but not least, “facts” or “knowledgebase”. In addition to a few definitions of terms, I will primarily work through studies in a legible manner. Most representative studies are neither easy to read nor easy to understand. It is always important to see who commissioned a study or who did the research. This is usually not that easy to recognize as an outsider. This is where I come in! To the best of my knowledge, I will only reproduce the most objective, independent studies possible. Since study results come pretty close to facts for me, I will summarize them as understandably as possible in my own words.

Among other things, you will find blog posts here that deal with the subject of “sustainability” and explain, for example, the subject of “greenwashing”. In addition, I explain what fats, proteins, and carbohydrates are and what impact our diet has on our body – according to science.

I love to do the research for you!

#nofakenews #noalternativefacts #nomyths

What makes my blog special?

At some point, I was tired of reading so much rubbish on the internet. So many fake news is circulating online. Everyone promises to have found the panacea with a certain diet or some remedy. It doesn’t matter whether it’s about diet & weight loss, eternal youth, or, for example, detox. As a layman, you don’t know what and whom to believe. That is precisely what has always preoccupied me. And many friends, acquaintances, and customers often come to me and ask for my opinion. They know that I know a lot about nutrition and that my assessments are based on facts.

Why do I do this?

Why do I do this? I could also use my free time for other things and would not have to spend hours or even days researching to publish a blog post. But I am 100% convinced that our diet has the greatest impact on our health. And that is exactly what each of us has in our own hands. Every single day. I want to show you what really makes a healthy, varied diet. You will also find recipes for easy and fast meals to make it easier to integrate this healthy diet into your everyday life in a playful way.

Additionally, I provide some educational work with this blog. Bringing some light into the jungle of fake news and dangerous half-knowledge. As best as I can! It is very important to me that you know that when it comes to nutrition, this is not a “biased blog” like many food blogs are. Unfortunately, that is the basis for precisely this dangerous half-knowledge. There are already far too many such half-knowledge blogs and it feels like every blog contradicts another.

That’s exactly what I want to change in my blog: Here you will find facts, facts, and more facts! Dangerous half-knowledge has no place here! And just in case, I will always give you the sources from which I draw my knowledge. So you can always read it again for yourself. I want to uncover food myths and not create new ones.

There are three things that can’t be hidden for long; the sun, the moon and the truth.


Got questions? Tell me! Otherwise, enjoy reading, cooking and learning!
Yours, Rosa Lazić