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The Demeter-Label as One of the Strictest Eco-Labels

Demeter as a certification in the organic movement

The Demeter Biodynamic Certification was founded in 1928 in Germany. As the oldest eco-farming organization as well as the first ecological label for organically produced foods, Demeter reflects the biodynamic principle of a farm as a living organism (much more than e.g. the EU Ecodesign Directive). Meanwhile, you can find this quality label in more than 50 countries. By the way, the name comes from the Greek goddess Demeter who is the goddess of the harvest and agriculture.

The Demeter Label
The Demeter Label

To be certified as „Demeter“ you have to meet several strict quality standards that are controlled regularly and often unannounced. The origin of it stems from the idea of biodynamic agriculture. This means that a farm should be considered as a living organism: self-contained, self-sustaining, and following the cycles of nature. The farm should be a harmonious interaction of nature, animals, humans, and soil. Furthermore, the use of synthetic chemical fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, and pesticides is prohibited. Plus, genetically engineered organisms are entirely forbidden.

Organic food and farming

Livestock integration is a fundamental requirement for manure for the treatment of the soil as well as for the soil husbandry. Also the livestock farming is regulated more intense by Demeter than e.g. by the EU Ecodesign Directive. Dehorning and debeaking are not allowed and the slaughterhouse must not be further away than 200 kilometers. Additionally, animals have much more space than in comparable eco-livestock holdings.

The Demeter Biodynamic Certification is one of the strictest quality labels you can get as a farmer and producer. For consumers, it is a reliable tool for identifying organic and GMO-free products without pesticides. Products labeled as Demeter can be found in various organic food stores, supermarkets with organic food, as well as on several farmer’s markets. Still, the “Bio-Label” is more popular in Germany and my other countries in Europe.

Did you ever see this label before? Do you even care about organic and GMO-free food? I’m looking forward to your comments! 🙂

If you want to get learn more about Demeter, click HERE. Stay tuned for more information about useful labels coming soon!

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