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Dirty Peanut Butter Porridge (Recipe) – Foodporn Guarantee!

Peanut Butter meets Espresso

Right now I love to have something warm in my stomach in the morning. In general, I’ve realized that I can digest warm meals much better and they literally keep me warm from the inside for hours. Since I’m generally a night owl and have to deal with hypothyroidism, I’m so tired in the morning or “after getting up”. That’s why I really need some help with waking up and my warm Dirty Peanut Butter Porridge is just perfect for boosting my mood!

Peanut butter is very healthy

I love peanut butter and I’m addicted to it just as well as to hummus or baba ganoush. Fortunately, it is also super healthy, rich in fiber and has many healthy fats that will keep you full for a long time. In addition, the fats are composed predominantly of unsaturated fatty acids, which are known for their antihypertensive and heart-friendly effect. Besides, peanut butter is a true protein bomb! With about 26 g per 100 g, it provides plenty of healthy, plant-based protein.

Of course you shouldn’t forget: Everything in moderation and not in bulk. Since peanut butter is mainly made from nuts and nuts are true calorie bombs, you shouldn’t overdose it. Nevertheless, it provides important trace elements, potassium, magnesium and vitamins. In particular, vitamin E is notorious for its antioxidant effect and thus protects you from free radicals. Overall, peanut butter is a perfect ingredient, if you want to build muscle. Potassium and magnesium are indispensable for muscular exercise. Peanut butter is really recommended – even as a delicious spread topped with banana slices. Again, you should pay particular attention to organic quality and choose the sugar-free one. The best peanut butter has the only ingredient called “peanuts”.

Here we go – my perfect start of the day :)
Here we go – my perfect start of the day 🙂
Dirty Peanut Butter Porridge (vegan & gluten free)

(1 serving)

50 g of gluten-free oatmeal
2 tablespoons of ground flaxseed
2 tablespoons of chia seeds
200 ml of plant milk – I use vanilla soy milk
1 teaspoon cocoa

1 espresso
2 tablespoons banana chips / dried bananas – alternatively half a banana
1 handful of berries or seasonal fruits
1 tsp peanut butter
3 tablespoons vegan yoghurt

some cinnamon
some fresh mint

  1. Mix the oats, flaxseed, chia seeds with the milk and the cocoa in a small saucepan and bring to a boil over low heat.
  2. Meanwhile prepare the fruit, wash it and slice the banana, if you do not use banana chips.
  3. Prepare the espresso.
  4. Put the tablespoon peanut butter and the espresso in the pot, mix well and fill it in a bowl.
  5. Then you garnish the bowl with the fruit, the mint, the yoghurt and sprinkle it with a little cinnamon. Good Appetite!

Alternatively, you can also shred some dark chocolate instead of the cocoa and melt it. If you only have frozen fruit, you can also put it in the pot and heat it up. Of course, you can omit the espresso, if you are not a coffee lover. It’s the caffeine which boosts your porridge and makes you really awake! If you omit the espresso, add about 50 ml more vegan milk.

As toppings, there are no limits. I try to eat as seasonally as possible. In the spring there are more strawberries and in the autumn more apples than topping. Tastes are different and therefore your creativity knows no bounds! I’m curious what you say and hope you enjoy your meal!

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