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OrganiCup – The Sustainable Period

OrganiCup – uncomplicated, simple, sustainable menstrual cup (ad)

The female cycle and menstrual cups? I can already see the cursors or index fingers of my male readers go to the “close” symbol and think that they have nothing to do with this topic. Wrong! Anyone with a reasonably emphatic streak is welcome to stay with me. There’s barely anyone who has no contact with women, in whatever relation. It may also help you to understand your partner, daughter or sister better. Imagine that you have a regulars’ table every four weeks, from which you have to recover for a week. Doesn’t sound so intangible anymore?! 😉 For about this long every woman is more or less “out of order” once a month.

The extent to which the topics “period”, “menstrual period”, or even “being a woman” has been taboo for years is not only shown by the increasingly louder new “femininity”. Topics such as “female orgasm”, “female masturbation” or just the monthly cycle seem to be experiencing a revolution at the moment. Women can finally be proud of being exactly that: a woman. Even if we can’t really imagine that in Germany, there are still countries on this beautiful planet where a female life is worth less than a male one.

A result of the new femininity

The menstrual period is finally getting rid of the “impure image” in many minds. It is no longer something dirty. Nothing we women have to be ashamed of. I also notice that the older I get, the easier it is to speak and write about such topics. Admittedly, I come from a very conservative family and had to discover this new femininity for myself. A trip that was definitely worth it. A trip to me and my needs.

For most of our lives (approximately 40 years!), we women have a menstrual period. This is why half of the world’s population produces a huge amount of waste every month. Previously, monthly hygiene products were largely waste products that have to be thrown away after every single use. Not to mention all the girls and (young) women who can not afford monthly hygiene products, do not leave the house and feel ashamed of being a woman. Finally, there is a sustainable solution!

The sustainable alternative to sanitary towels and tampons

The bottom line is that menstrual cups are more sustainable than disposable products such as sanitary napkins or tampons because they replace them. Because you can reuse them for years, there is less waste. It is estimated that women use over 500 tampons in just two years! That’s quite a lot considering that due to Statista more than half of all women use tampons during their menstruation! All individually packed in plastic! All of this can be compensated with just one cup and thus can contribute to avoiding plastic in everyday life. A one-time investment that pays off quickly. In addition, OrganiCup is currently the only menstrual cup on the market that is AllergyCertified. Therefore, it should be compatible with everybody.

Manufacturers do not currently have to mark on the packaging which substances are in tampons, for example. Many hygiene articles are made of plastic fibers, are packed in plastic, and loaded with chemicals that we women carry into our bodies for hours. Did you know that a tampon takes longer to decompose than you live? Estimated about 500-1,000 years!

For example, the OrganiCup is free of BPA, latex, dyes, or other pollutants. In addition, it is completely vegan, which is not a matter of course, especially with hygiene products. You will receive your OrganiCup in recycled cardboard packaging with an unbleached organic cotton bag for storage.

Keep it simple without fancy stuff back to the roots
Keep it simple without fancy stuff back to the roots

How do I use a menstrual cup?

The menstrual cup is used much like a tampon. You either fold them into a “C” or “U” or develop your own folding technique over time. When inserting it is important that you relax your muscles and find a comfortable position – similar to a tampon. Now insert it into your vagina and just let it go. This usually works very easily as it has a smooth surface and its flexibility adapts to your vagina. Once you have inserted it, the OrganiCup unfolds and closes tightly to keep it securely in place.

If it hasn’t really unfolded and you can feel jags or folds with your finger, you may have to twist it a little. If you pull the rod lightly and feel a little resistance, a vacuum has been created and it fits properly. You will probably need a little practice here. In the beginning, a little water-based lubricant can also make it easier for you to insert. In any case, you shouldn’t feel the cup anymore. If the stick looks out a little, you can shorten it as well. It sounds more complex than it really is!

How long can the menstrual cup stay in the body?

So it can stay in your body for up to 12 hours, depending on your menstruation. At first I was also surprised at how little menstrual bleeding it is. Unlike tampons, the cup only soaks up the menstrual bleeding and does not absorb the moisture in your vagina. The bleeding should only be absorbed with the outgoing uterine lining without disturbing the natural intimate flora. In total, we women only lose 3-4 tablespoons of blood per cycle. That’s only about 30-50 ml of blood. Even if it feels like a lot more!

You can easily remove it by loosening the vacuum with washed hands, by gently removing the cup at the edge with your finger. This releases the vacuum and you can simply pull the cup out by the shaft. During the period it is not necessary that you clean the cup intensively after each emptying. It is sufficient to rinse them with clean water every now and then and to boil them for at least 2-5 minutes after your menstrual period.

If this is not possible for you, there are also special OrganiWipes that make it easier for you to clean occasionally on the go. They are specially designed to disinfect your OrganiCup between periods. I always have them with me when I’m traveling for months, to be on the safe side. There is also the 2-in-1 intimate detergent for cleaning the cup, which you can also use as a pH-balancing shower gel. The perfect companions for your travel!

Here you can see the flexibility of your OrganiCup as well as the packaging of the Cup, the OrganiWash and OrganiWipes
Here you can see the flexibility of your OrganiCup as well as the packaging of the Cup, the OrganiWash and OrganiWipes

Which size is correct?

With OrganiCup you have a choice between three sizes. Mini is for everyone who has little menstrual bleeding or is still very young. Size A is designed for all women who have not yet given birth vaginally and size B is for all who have already have given birth to a child. OrganiCup also has a 90-day satisfaction guarantee, so you can test it for 90 days or about 3 periods without obligation. I have had mine for about two years and can no longer imagine ever using a tampon. Not to mention a sanitary pad.

Advantages of the OrganiCup

An OrganiCup holds as much as 3 large XL tampons and can be worn for up to 12 hours. It is also leak-proof, regardless of whether during the day or at night. I also wear mine while doing sports, running, going to the gym or swimming. In fact, I have never had any problems or something has leaked. And women know what I’m talking about, what it means to feel comfortable in a bikini during your period – a feeling that I didn’t even know before my menstrual cup. I constantly had the feeling that the blue ribbon is too freedom-loving and it hangs out. It is also anything but healthy to carry the constantly moist thread in the crotch – germs hello! Big plus: Goodbye bad smell!

I have never been a fan of sanitary pads and have always used tampons. Either in the stupidest situations I realized that I urgently needed to change or I changed it much too early. This is also completely eliminated with the cup. When I’m on the go all day, it sometimes happens that I can only empty it after getting up and before going to bed. That is usually enough. Or it happens that I actually forget about it because it is just so “invisible” in the feeling. I have never had such comfort before!

My tiny, sustainable travel-buddy – every woman carries a tiny little secret ;)
My tiny, sustainable travel-buddy – every woman carries a tiny little secret 😉

Sustainable and uncomplicated

In addition, the OrganiCup is AllergyCertified and consists of 100 % soft, medical-grade silicone. As a result, you hardly notice the cup when you wear it. In contrast to tampons, it does not dry out your vagina and does not soak up important moisture in the vaginal mucosa, which can have a positive effect on intimate health. The menstrual cup is the better choice, especially for women who tend to have a dry vagina. It can also prevent infections and is also suitable for women wearing spirals – I can confirm this from my own experience. And because many have asked me: Yes, you can pee while wearing the cup! 🙂

The OrganiCup is just perfect when traveling, which I would not have thought before. Abroad, hygiene products for women are usually much more expensive than in Germany and often difficult to find. The investment is worthwhile for this alone since you no longer have to carry loads of hygiene items. Especially if you want to be away for a long time, as I originally did with my trip around the world …

More than happy with my menstrual cup from OrganiCup :)
More than happy with my menstrual cup from OrganiCup 🙂

Social thought – Sharing is Caring!

The social background idea is also very important to me at OrganiCup. They work with NGOs around the world to give women safe access to hygiene items and generally educate them about menstrual bleeding. This educational work is extremely important to break the taboo around the menstrual period. So far, they have donated more than 4,500 menstrual cups.

Together with OrganiCup and because it’s “Earth Day”, I am giving away a set consisting of a menstrual cup and a pack of OrganiWash and OrganiWipes under this Instagram post. Thanks for participating! 🙂

As you have probably already noticed when reading my blog, I consciously enter into very few cooperations. At no time I want you to think that I am only writing on a topic because I am paid for it in some way. Cooperation partners have to go through a though filter system and I have to stand behind the company idea with 99.9% to the best of my knowledge and belief. And so it is with OrganiCup. With the discount code ROSAL you get 20 % off your order in the entire webshop! You will not regret it – I promise! #NEWPERIOD

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