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Standard Project – Sustainability 3.0 (Ad)

The next level of sustainability

As you have already noticed on my blog, the topic of sustainability is one that keeps me more and more engaged. I have to confess that I’m almost becoming an anti-consumer. I barely buy new things and prefer second-hand. And when I buy something new, I want to be completely committed to the product. In fact, I almost always buy things that are timeless and that I already know I will probably use for years. So it is with the products of the brand “Standard Project” from Munich, of which I want to introduce you two. First, the sweater ITEM No. 3 and, second, the moor soap ITEM No. 5.

Keep it simple
Keep it simple

Back to the roots

I’ve always been a big fan of timeless things that are still “trendy” in the right combination. Trendy – if you want to be that. For example, I have been wearing sweaters, pants, scarves, jackets and dresses for years. At the same time, I resist the trends and must-haves of the season, which is also getting shorter and faster. Long ago, I have quit this fashion circus.

I prefer to take fewer clothes and follow minimalism for a long time. Pure fabrics, minimalistic designs, timeless cuts, and universally applicable pieces – that’s how I can describe the “Standard Project” brand in a few terms.

Who says fashion has to be constantly renewed?

And this very question testifies that Standard Project lives a “sustainability 3.0”. By creating classic, universal and timeless products that do not need to be constantly updated, the brand shows that slow fashion works. And looks damn good!

For example, with the sweater and the soap I have found two candidates who will accompany me on my journey around the world. And anyone who has ever made a trip around the world or a longer trip with a backpack knows that only absolute favorite pieces are taken. I do not have to add anything more! 🙂

Less is more
Less is more

ITEM No. 3 – the sweatshirt

That’s the perfect gray mélange, the perfect cut, and I have to say I fell in love with it the first time I slipped it on. The sweater convinces with its timeless simplicity, is super comfortable due to its loopback cotton-jersey and impresses with small details like the fabric triangle on the round neckline. In addition, it and its sleeves are long enough for taller people! Reduced to the essentials and for that very reason an absolute favorite for me already. In addition, it is made in Portugal and is not shipped all over the world. In fact, as I type these lines, I sit in front of my screen in my new favorite sweatshirt and smile to myself. 😉

ITEM No. 5 – the moor soap

The soap is getting a revival these days, which makes me very happy. Because we do not need all those plastic pump soap dispensers that just produce tons of garbage that we already have enough of. The soap is for me a small symbol of minimalism, similar to the jute bag revolution of recent years. Back to the roots, after we had a period of mental derangement in between.

ITEM No. 5 is a hand-crafted soap full of mineral-rich healing mud and valuable vegetable, essential oils, which is cold-stirred according to ancient tradition. It consists of predominantly organic ingredients and is of course also vegan. Its scent of cedar, lemon balm, spruce, sage and citrus fruits speaks of its pure natural essential oils, which at the same time care and support the skin’s own, natural refatting. The cold-pressed oils of olive, coconut, sunflower, shea nut, jojoba, avocado, wheat germ and castor moisturize our skin naturally.

In addition, it is made in Germany. Plus, it is packed in FSC paper from responsible forestry – here, too, unnecessary plastic packaging is avoided. Since I can use it for skin and hair, it will become a faithful companion on my journey. I already see myself washing my hands having a little bit of “home” with me due to its scent, no matter where I will be.

Around the world with those two beauties
Around the world with those two beauties

Slow Fashion is the consistent way of sustainability

Is it really better to buy sustainable products, if they are short-lived and you still consume much more than you actually need? We are only truly sustainable if we consciously shop and do not let ourselves be fooled by greenwashing. Ask yourself, if the product is durable, ecological, and pure? Will you still wear it in years? Do you need all the bells and whistles? The latest it-pieces and all the rage? Do we need all these belongings? What makes us really happy?

Especially in the last few weeks I personally deal with my belongings intensely. As already mentioned, I almost mutate to anti-consumption, but sometimes I have to buy something “new”, be it second or first hand. Never before, the things I buy had to pass such a strict filtration system. They have to be vegan, sustainable, free of animal testing in cosmetics, and best ecologically safe. Hard enough in this day and age! But brands like the Standard Project make it easier for me. In addition, in today’s fast-paced world I do not feel so alone with my ideas and mindset. The ever-earlier Earth Overshoot Day is just a measure that we need to change a lot. There is no planet B!

Understatement meets sustainability – aware of phenomena such as Black Friday

The sweater and moor soap are just two products from the small, minimalist product range of the Standard Project. For example, there’s a simple, black T-shirt ITEM No. 1, with which everything started. The ITEM No. 2, the Titan Coffee Racer, uses a drive belt instead of chain and captivates without unnecessary gadgets. With the ITEM No. 4 coffee lovers are caught with roasted coffee in Germany. You see, there is something for everyone. And it always says: less is definitely more!

Especially with regard to the upcoming Black Friday, we should all reconsider our consumer behavior. I graduated with an MA in Economics, majoring in Marketing, and know how this machine works, which makes us go shopping. Each one of us has already bought things that he never picked up again. Even if something is reduced from 100 € to 30 €, you do not save 70 €, you still spend 30 €. Not to mention if you need it at all!

Buy less, choose well, make it last.

Vivienne Westwood

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